Saturday, January 29, 2011
  A new Experience in Riding - Sidecar

In December 2010 I attended the Sidecar/Trike Education Program course to learn how to ride a bike with a sidecar (commonly called a "Rig"). Then later in December I found a used sidecar, a Motorvation Spyder T1. Long story short my buddy and I went to look at it and we ended up loading it on a trailer and bringing it home.

So in mid-January I got all the parts needed to attach it to my motorcycle and started the process. Now because of my damaged left leg (which is why I need three wheels instead of riding two wheels) I could only work on it a little at a time, what should have taken 4 or 5 hours took over seven days to do the work. I had to attach a sub-frame to my bike to mount the sidecar to.

Now comes the time to mount the sidecar.

Now that I got this far down the line. I got my measurements down (I think and set the toe-in and lean-in) set. Total width and the amount the sidecar axle is forward of the rear wheel axle from what I understand the correct amount. Now it is time to tighten everything up and see how it works.

The finished pictures are looking good.

Sunday, October 10, 2010
  Sep 24-26, 2010 CMA 5 Chapter Campout at Tator Park
Well here are a few pictures from the CMA 5 Chapter Campout. It was a blast and I overheard several people state that they wanted to do it again. In this picture is Pat Hoffman and Lin & Jeannie Eckhardt.
A fine group of CMA members sitting around and talking, there was a lot of interaction between the members of different chapters.
Pat and Buren Hoffman and Ralph Sifuentes in the foreground with the lake at Tator Park in the background - it may not be a big lake but several people enjoyed getting a line wet and some even caught fish.
This is some of our Sunday Morning Kitchen crew. And only some. The New Life Riders Chapter provided the breakfast for both Saturday and Sunday. The Koob's and Zimmer's did a fantastic job on breakfast tacos.
The Koob's.
Sunday, May 09, 2010
  Benefit for Bandito Santos

I attended the benefit for Bandito Santos with Don & Susan Potter, Tom & Debbie Zimmer and Janice Walsh. There was a good turnout for him.
Sunday, May 02, 2010
  2010 CMA Run For The Son
Well, Saturday, May 1st, it's CMA's Run For the Son. Paula and I left for Fredericksburg, TX at 9 a.m. we were to meet at least five CMA chapters at the court house square in Fredericksburg by noon. We were the first ones at the square so we were able to observe all the bikes arriving - what a sight. Two south TX chapters and three north TX chapters, over 75 people in a circle around the fountain praying. WOW. What a blessing. Of course Run For the Son, CMA's only fundraiser each year, is supposed to be a one hundred mile motorcycle run. Paula and I put 185 miles on the truck (sorry my physical condition is not up to riding yet) and got home at 3 p.m. It was a great time fellowshipping with CMA people from all around the area. So far Paula and I have raised $1,500.00 for Run for the Son. Praise the Lord.
Friday, April 16, 2010
  Good Friends
I was blessed yesterday to have a very good friend stop by to see my wife and I. It is always good to see friends and having a time to catch up with each other and pray for one another is such a blessing.
Wednesday, April 14, 2010
  I'm Back!!!
After some time away (over 2 years) where I've been too occupied with other things to get onto this blog, I've returned. There have been many changes in my life since the last post. My bride and I are still involved with the Christian Motorcyclists Association. We have been appointed as NE TX Area Representatives of this organization (in February 2010) and that has been a blessing to us. I've been recuperating from a severe fall (Oct 2009) and am in Physical Therapy at this time. God is still in charge and I am not!!
Sunday, May 27, 2007
  June 07 Newsletter Article

First of all, if you did not attend the Texas State CMA Rally (18-20 May), you really missed several blessings (the Word preached was awesome, the singing talents and anointing of the music, just to mention a couple). Paula and I did not arrive until about 5 p.m. on Saturday the 19th due to our daughter's college graduation (she received her Masters in Business Administration/Accounting and YES, we are proud parents). But by Friday afternoon, (via phone calls) I was learning more about CMA and the New Life Riders being family to one of our members.

As you know, Chaplain Phil's health isn't the greatest. Friday afternoon, when he arrived at the rally, he was experiencing extremely severe back cramps. Our State Coordinator, Johnny Upton, took him to the hospital in Whitney. Johnny called me and I contacted Road Capt. Jack and Secretary Janice. Both were ready and willing to do what ever they could to help - and they did in many ways. Our Area Reps, Don and Susan also helped. The hospital released him late Friday afternoon but by Friday night, Phil was vomiting and still in severe pain. So Don and Capt. Jack transported him back to the hospital and waited until he was admitted. They didn't get back to the rally grounds until the early hours of Saturday morning.

Okay, the hospital took care of Phil and gave him some meds for the nausea and to releive the pain so he could get some sleep. When he was released again on Saturday afternoon, Don and Jack again went up and got him and transported him back to the rally. While at the rally, many CMA members made sure Phil was taken care of and some of them were not from our chapter, but that didn't stop them. Another CMAer from south Texas offered to load Phil’s bike and sidecar up on his trailer and take it and Phil home but Phil’s bike was too low to the ground to load onto the trailer. So I rode the bike/sidecar back to the Austin area with Phil keeping Paula company in the truck. Phil got home safely and is doing much better now.

I said all of this to say how PROUD I am of all who helped or were willing to help and how BLESSED I am. This is what family is all about. It doesn't matter if the person helping was a New Life Rider or a CMAer from another chapter or area. The GOAL was to help and as CMA's banner proclaims: "HERE IF YOU NEED US" -- that also applies to our own members as well.

In John 13:35, it says “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”


Your Servant and President,

  May 07 Newsletter Article

All Christians are called.

We are called first to be Christians. When we give our lives to the Lord, we are answering a call that goes back to the Garden of Eden. I am reminded of a Don Francisco song “Adam Where Are You”, where God enters the garden after man has sinned and is calling out to Adam, looking for him. I believe God knew where he was but wanted Adam to respond. We responded to that call when we accepted Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf.

We are then called to mature. The book of Corinthians speaks of going from milk to meat. A newborn cannot eat meat, they first are fed milk until they grow enough to be able to eat, first strained food then progressively more adult food. Remember, we need to nurture the new Christians in our midst and help educate them in the Way, just as we do with our children.

We are then called to carry the gospel. Once we have matured, we have the command to carry the gospel (the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ) first to Jerusalem (our immediate town/local) then to Judea (the region surrounding our town, could be state or nation) then to the outermost reaches of the earth (now that may not seem as far today as it did in Jesus’ time due to our advances in modes of travel, but it still can be a long way from home). If the apostles of Jesus’ time could turn the world upside down (not their words but a non-believer’s), it is mind boggling to wonder what can and is being done today.

Not all are called to motorcycle ministry (or any specific ministry for that matter) but if you are called, then you have a responsibility: Not to any man but to the creator of all men. Not all are active with even a specific club or group, but I firmly believe every CMA’er is called to do something. It may be with your friends that you ride with all the time and have for years. It may be praying for those who go out regularly to carry the gospel to others (in this way you are sharing the load).

The bottom line is YOU are CALLED. The rest is between you and your God.

Your Servant and President,
  April 07 Newsletter Article

The last few months, I have been attempting to set the stage for all of us to look at what our functions are in the Body of Christ and in CMA, specifically New Life Riders. Now is the time for the hard questions.

My part, right now, in CMA and New Life Riders, is to be as good a chapter President as I can be. As I mentioned in last month’s article, we all have a part. Parts that pray, parts that go to events locally and/or away, parts that go to prisons, parts that open their homes for fellowship, parts that keep records, parts that evangelize, and on and on. This chapter would not function if all tried to be presidents, road captains, etc. Nor can we be effective by simply being patch holding members doing nothing. As your president, I am to provide overall guidance and opportunities for ministry, recreation, and fellowship. I hope you feel that I am fulfilling my obligations to you in those ways. If not, please feel free to talk to me about what you would like to see happen in this chapter.

Your chapter officers are trying to take the steps necessary to provide a place for you to function in the ministry of New Life Riders. We have encouraged having prayer partners and are trying to set up a prayer warrior team. We have a hospitality tent ministry, fellowship times, rides just for fun and to motorcycling events, and ministry training nights. All of these provide ministry opportunities.

Your part: Now that is up to YOU. If you feel that you are a prayer warrior, hook up with Chaplain Phil. Hospitality is your cup of tea, check with Paula and me. Prison ministry, there are several options available to you from local youth facilities to Champions for Life. Road Captain Jack is working with Champions for Life. Janice, our Secretary, is involved in working with the youth at the Travis County Youth Detention Facility with Bill Bronson, another one of our members. You can talk to any one of these people to find out how you can become involved.

Involvement is the key ingredient. Without it, nothing will happen. This chapter will be what YOU want it to be. The officers can only provide the opportunities. It’s up to YOU to take advantage of them and be INVOLVED.

What is your part in the functioning of New Life Riders?

Your Servant and President,
  March 07 Newsletter Article

I’m borrowing the title for my article from CMA’s 2007 Seasons of Refreshing theme. Paula and I, and a few other New Life Riders, recently attended the NE TX Seasons. It was a blessed time of instruction, worship, fellowship and refreshing in preparation for the coming year. If you missed it, you missed a wonderful time. But…

We got to say farewell to Curtis and Carol Clements as our previous S. Central Regional Evangelist. They are stepping up to a position with National CMA overseeing all regional evangelists and expanding CMA internationally.

We met Kerry Gibson (his wife, Debbie was unable to attend), who is our new Regional Evangelist. The Gibsons are out of Jackson, MS and he really stepped up to the plate and hit a home run, in my mind, at this year’s Seasons. You will get another chance to meet them at the TX State CMA Rally in May.

The theme EACH PART A SPECIAL FUNCTION comes from Romans 12:4. “Just as our bodies have many parts and each part has a special function so it is with Christ’s Body.” The “Golden Truth” of Season’s was to remind CMA members of the following truths:

1. As a member of CMA and a part in the body of Christ, we each have a special God-designed function.

2. As parts of the same body, we all have different works to do, yet each of us needs each other.

3. Prayer, Fellowship, Evangelism, and Discipleship are important functions that are critical in the body of Christ and in the development of a healthy CMA chapter.

4. As a member of a local CMA chapter, I must determine what of the four key functions I fit into within my chapter.

There are actions being taken within this chapter to strengthen and grow. The prayer-partner idea introduced in the February news letter and at the chapter meeting, the new people Get Acquainted opportunity on the third Thursday, and the Ministry Training opportunity on the fourth Thursday are other opportunities we would like all of you to participate in one way or another. There will be other opportunities, such as that mentioned in Chaplain Phil’s article in this newsletter, to help you find your place in this special part of the Body of Christ, the New Life Riders chapter. I hope YOU become a living, intricate, functioning part in this ministry.

Oh, remember that “But…” in the first paragraph? The chapter purchased the CD’s that the hosting church made of Kerry presenting the Seasons of Refreshing. I encourage all of you to listen to them. We’ve made extra copies for this purpose! Contact Paula or myself to arrange when you can borrow the CD’s.

IHS, your Servant and President,

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